Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On Health Care Reform

I'm irate! I voted in the mid-term election. Hell I voted early in this election. But it feels that my vote didn't count as the House to day was overhauled by the Republican party. My qualms with this right heavy House: Health Care Reform. It didn't hit me until today that I won't be getting my universal healthcare. I am, therefore, more livid than I've ever been about probably anything.

One frustration, and likely the frustration of most democrats, is that an argument against universal healthcare is so inhumane that it our side was almost indefensible. Why should we have universal healthcare? Because we are a so-called first world country, we have the resources, and the poor are now dying from curable illnesses that they cannot afford to have treated. However, through the use of inexplicably effective propaganda, the Republican party managed to protect their interest. Greedy bastards.

I think about my Mother. Everyone knows she died of cancer in 2005, a year before MA got a universal healthcare system. Well she's lucky she died in Massachusetts, because anywhere else she probably wouldn't have lasted so long. Often poor people do not seek medical care because they are afraid to be diagnosed with something they cannot afford. My mom waited an extremely long time before she sought hospitalization. She discovered she had cancer. Because of the nature of her illness and the fact that we were below the poverty line in the most socialist state in the fucking union, her care was free up until the day she died. She could have been diagnosed sooner if we'd had some kind of insurance, if she were seeing a doctor regularly, etc.

My mother isn't the only woman who has cohabitated uncomfortably with a terminal illness. There are people all around the country too afraid to enter a hospital. We need universal healthcare or at least a system that protects not only our poor but our middle class in case of illness. In order to have universal health care it would require higher taxes and for citizens to pay for comprehensive subsidized health care packages unless they choose to go with either an employer provided or private health insurance.

My largest frustration is that the Democratic Party, which I'd consider the more progressive, gets no love because of their efforts to appeal to common sense and intellect rather than propaganda and religion. Fundamentalist and extremist Christians support the party because it backs their desire to control the dominant ideology of this country, and in exchange they are willing to sacrifice the civil and human rights of the poor. They are more concerned with prayer in school and Nativity Scenes on State property, than the idea of sharing just enough wealth to ensure that cancer victims of the lower class, at least, die peacefully.


  1. When Obama announced his agenda (I'm a socialist BTW) and Congress took up the torch of "health care reform", "single-payer" advocates we're shooed away from the discussions.

    Universal health care (aka The Single-payer/Public Option) was axed right then and there. What the Democrats came up with after that is nowhere near Universal Health Care (on a federal level). The legislation that the Democrats crafted is merely increased regulation of the health care industry.

    It seems you're well versed enough in knowing what Universal Health Care is but I dare say that the system we live in is no friend to socialist ideology and policy.

    The "Democrats vs. Republicans" mantra has far outworn its chutzpah for me. It's all propaganda to perpetuate the capitalist system we find ourselves. The "party wars" and "partisanship" are pure drama and nothing more than entertainment.

    Almost every politician is in some corporations pocket.

  2. A socialist! Glad to talk to you! Thanks for your input I had more of an emotional view on the issue so thanks for giving more rational, thoughtful input.

  3. Not at all. :)

    I just get tired of conservatives trying to label Obama as an ultra-liberal socialist when in all actuality he's just very slightly left of center.


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