Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Woes of the Blogger

A lot of people asked why I stopped blogging. I'm a graduating senior so the extra-curriculars have taken a back seat. Five classes and a job: I was a busy muffucker but thank God for Christmas break, right?

Further, I'm doing more than simply bang bangin. I'm dating now, and my experiences with men are slightly more intimate. Writing about a relationship would be like giving a man cheat codes on a PlayStation. He knows how I feel and can manipulate accordingly. Plus if I'm being a player, writing about it will undoubtedly get me caught.

I try to keep things vague by writing in the super past tense and I try to keep the identity of these fellows anonymous.

I've reached a new chapter in my life (and apparently a new stage of grief). Read on, kids, your favorite writer is back.

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