Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dear Lovelies,

I've been on sabbatical but I'm writing again. I can't wait to begin posting. This time around will be different. I will no longer be writing specifically about my relationships/sex because I don't want to jinx my gosh darn love life. However, I will start to feature more music/artist reviews, some of my fiction work, and my thoughts on the every day.

I found that while I whole heartedly enjoy being absolutely honest with you, it came at a price. I was easily taken advantage of. You all were privy to my desires and were given the formula to seduce me, so that I found myself being manipulated by some tricky tricky individuals, none of whom had my interest at heart. In short, being open with everybody makes a girl far too vulnerable.

My blog is, as always, for you to enjoy and for us to communicate and understand each other, so never hesitate to comment, challenge me praise me whatever dude.

I will also begin writing for the Morehouse Maroon Tiger, so don't be a square and pick that up this semester.

Love always,


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