Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Magic of Marian

I met her in glee club. She was the new girl, I the outcaste (for fucking someone's baby daddy). I wanted to be sure she had a positive experience since mine had been far from ideal and we became friends. But I quickly went from friend to groupie when I first heard her perform at the end of that academic year at an outdoor festival.

Girl and guitar, her voice ethereal floating along the late spring breeze, dancing against our ear lobes. I was mesmerized by my friend, an uncomfortably fresh experience that I managed quickly to embrace. I didn't stay long after her set was over, but from my laptop I found her facebook page and searched hungrily for recordings. She had a few videos of her singing at parks or at the school from which she transferred, but in my desperate hunger for Marian, I was frustrated by the poor quality of these digital camera recordings. From then I had to wait for another performance, a better recording, or the stolen sound of her whispered hum over a difficult homework assignment.

She is gentle to the ear, sweet and subtle yet a master of her craft. Her lyrics are poignant, poetic. Her clarity and precision remind me of Maxwell (my favorite lyricist), yet her vocal control is unmatched. Her sound is as effortless as breathing. The magic of Marian is uncomperable.

Marian is currently teasing her fans with The Basement Collection, songs recorded in her basement studio that will not be making it to her album. The fact that one of my new favorite songs is from that collection ("Dancing Through My Mind) makes me so so so excited for her official project. Come, be enthralled by the gentle seductress, Marian Mereba.

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