Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why Cudi? Why?

Why do I enjoy Cudi so much? I had to ask myself last night, after I legit rashed on some kid for denouncing the Cudder. I realized that primarily and above all things its the Genre Mash.

Last night a kid asked me to compare Kid Cudi and Styles P. Here lies the inherent problem. These are rappers of two different periods in rap and with completely different styles. Styles P is quintessential New York Gangster rap. Cudi is...

Cudi is untethered by categorization and he supersedes genre. Kid Cudi clearly has a varied music taste that is a great influence on his capabilities. His mom's a classically trained opera singer for Pete's sake, of course his music would encompass a wholistic appreciation of music without labels or boundaries. He is music.

I am music. I have a fat collection of thousands of songs including the complete collections of Barbra Streisand, Madonna, Edith Piaf, and Jay-Z not to mention Gabriel Faure's Requiem and several techno remixes of Pink's "Please Don't Leave Me". I fuck with Cudi because he fucks with music in every form (I think). As do I.

In short, I realize that I my adoration for his music may be approaching obsession. It's problematic. Severely, yet I cannot help it. Favorite Cudi track? I haven't the foggiest notion.

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  1. i dont really understand this guy's music or like it very much...but i guess your reason for "enjoying" him is more than just music lol


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