Monday, April 12, 2010

Check Please

I have to write this post. I'm going to be late for class, but this has to be written. One of the greatest rap songs that I ever heard is Track 27 - "Check Please" of the Cleveland Show. It's one of those songs that strikes you, stops you cold, arrests time. The beat is cool. The repetitive violins invoke a dreamlike state and against it, he artfully tells a story, beginning with a list of his desires and aspirations: "I just wanna be fried." The first verse ends as he returns to the present, he asks "somebody call for my valet parkin'."

In the hook he says "Hold on you did what? Gave the waitress a tip, and said stay out of the dark end. Cleveland." He anchors his thoughts, here. Chip returns to reality, but warns the waitress to stay away from that which continues to haunt him. In his next verse, Chip returns to his inner thoughts and the rhythm doubles. He is consumed by his preoccupations, "a nigga be stressed..." he says. He rants on his hard work and perseverance in the music industry, then he notes that "...niggas be phony/fuck a new homie/rather be lonely..." The verse continues at doubled speed, signifying that he is overwhelmed by his preoccupations.

Suddenly the music ceases: "Damn, daydreaming this whole verse sitting here at this restaurant." Chip returns to reality. He closes the song with a description of his exit from the restaurant. I love this song. Its epic. Chip goes stupid. Listen to it, or you are no longer my friend.

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