Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too Much Makeup, Makeup Girl

I call her Makeup Girl, because she wears a full face of makeup to swim class. Anyone who loves makeup enough to swim in it, deserves to have their name changed. I've seen her outside of the water, and it looks like her foundation stands about three feet off her face. I wonder if she sleeps in it? I digress, but I'm not going to lie every time I see her matte brown face I get to thinking, Did her Mommy ever tell her she was beautiful? Did her Dad ever tell her to take that stuff off her face, 'cause she didn't need it?

There is nothing wrong with makeup. Oh please I've got a vanity covered in pigment, I love makeup. It can make your face look perfect, but the scary thing about makeup, is once you start wearing it its hard to stop. Remember when I ranted about how some girl stole my makeup from a party at my house? She stole my entire kit: Urban Decay eye shadows, Mac Studio Fix, Mac Blush, Nars lip colors, a collection of mineral pigment, a brush set, among other things that I can't recall. She even stole my cotton balls. Well, as my dolled up readers can tell I had a decent collection of quality stuff. It was like stealing all of my Jordans (for you readers who don't understand). The next day while getting ready for school I had to sit before the mirror and remind myself that I was beautiful. It was so sad; something off the Tyra Show. My makeup use had diminished a previously high self confidence. Goodness me!

I didn't realize that I had fallen that far. I don't even wear a lot of makeup. I keep it light and natural so most people don't know when I have any on. Actually, the only person who can tell is my makeup artist friend. I don't want to look like Karen with makeup, I want to look like Karen at her best. In short, I lost my makeup and I had to reevaluate myself and my self-esteem.

Best believe I got my ass some more foundation, and I'm running low so a refill is soon to be in my future. However, since that sorry little moment in the mirror, I've promised myself to enjoy more days in the week without makeup than with it. No lie, I can't go a day without lipgloss and eyebrow pencil, however the shadows the blush the concealer the foundation the blot powder the liner and the mascara need to take frequent breaks. I can't become makeup dependent again, because the more you wear makeup the more you feel you need.

Makeup Girl didn't start off as makeup girl. She probably only wore it to church and funerals at one point in her life and even then it was a swipe of mascara and blots of concealer on the dark spots, but gradually and increasingly she couldn't stand the way her face looked without it.

Evaluate your self. Makeup can highlight and define your features or blend with your undertone to make your skin appear brighter. It will not make you prettier, but what will make you exceptionally more beautiful is the confidence that you exude when you smile and speak.


  1. I agree with this post sooo much. I LOVE makeup myself, but I got the the point where I had to stop wearing it because I felt low when I took it off. I went a few days without weave and makeup and I improved my self esteem. Makeup shouldnt be used to MAKE you beautiful, but to enhance the beauty you already have. good post.

  2. I like my women natural, like make-up and all that is kool if you need it but I feel a women is beautiful as is, you know and like if you got bad skin hey make-up wont help when I see yo ass in the morning lol. BUT some women need things like that in more extreme cases and thats cool too noone is perfect, do ya thang is the moral of this comment lol.


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