Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kid Cudi said he likes my hair...

I don't know what to say, I've been trying to write a blog post about one of the greatest moments of my life for the last several days, now. I will however, analyze this picture for you.

1. My facial expression: I've never looked happier. Actually I look kind of crazy. I think I was star struck and oblivious. Kid Cudi told me he liked my hair (twice, he said "I like your hair," and then he said, "I really like your hair") during Q&A and then I managed to get a picture with him. Everyone says I should have slipped him my phone number of at LEAST my name but I swear I was so excited my brain literally shut down.

2. His hand placement: Right around my waist, and honestly, I was so elated that I couldn't even feel it. It wasn't until seeing the picture from my screen that I realized just how close I was.

3. My hand placement: That's right, there is none. My hand was hovering somewhere near his shoulder. I was afraid to touch him. Haha, fuck you, I know your laughing at me. He's my stinking hero/celebrity crush/favorite artist. Actually managing to get the picture was a major move in itself.

4. My outfit: Was fucking perfect (inner exclamation point). Its my hoodie dress from london. Classic black hoodie-look with white strings, only its really a minidress, worn with black tights and pearl grey shoes. It's not form-fitting and sexy, though short, but it has character and pays homage to the style of the man to my right.

In the end, Scottie disappeared into a sea of screaming fans and boys guffawing over having gotten an autograph on their Jordan's. Fuck y'all I got a compliment and a picture, and when I tell you that handful of hours continues to play on in my head... Some say I missed out on a lifetime opportunity to blah blah blah, whatever. What is meant to be will always be.

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