Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crymax and Other Sexual Expletives


My cousin introduced me to this term. It's when the orgasm is so good you start crying. On one occasion I had actual tears in my eyes and that nut is unforgettable, but typical a perfect orgasm will have me whimpering. Most recently I crymaxed from the sticky fingers, and that was a bit embarrassing, but I haven't made sexy in kind of (not really) a long time.

The crymax is kind of funny, because I can imagine some of the sounds that women make just trip you guys out. I let out my feeble whimper and kid with the fingers gave me a confused look. I think he needed to look in my face for affirmation that he was not, in fact, finger raping me.

What is the crymax? Its when the penis, or the fingers, fills you with so much bliss that you don't have enough physical reactions at your disposal to absorb the pleasure so you let out tears. They are tears of joy, trust, but they are never the less tears.

Why, woman? Why are you crying? If we could, we would sing like porn stars rather than grunt and cry. We can't help it, and sometimes we - I - practice in secret, in the shower, and during masturbation. I would love to moan pretty, but when you're feeling the sexy a few tears here and there are actually a good thing.

Similar to the crymax is the gigglegasm (still working on a name). Again, it's induced by an orgasm so spectacular that you let out a laugh. I've gigglegasmed when the multiplicity of the orgasm is becoming too great. The gigglegasm often occurs just before my clitoris has to beg for the sex (usually the head when this happens) to cease.

Man the noises we make during sex, it's embarrassing. Sometimes I want to hear what other women scream during sex so I can gage just how (ab)normal I am. For instance, why is it that I cannot help taking God's name in vain during climax? I think I am at my most spiritual when staring into that white light that is orgasm. Once I accidentally said "Jesus," I was trying to avoid the use of the word God oddly enough, and I feel like that was an even worse offense against the cross.

When the sex is spectacular, it's difficult for a person to control what comes from her mouth, whether its "spank me Daddy, make it hurt" or "yes, yes, cum on my face," (I will not attest to ever requesting a facial, but had I done so, I was likely to have been superbly drunk). So gentlemen be sure not to rape a bitch, but when she starts crying, laughing, screaming bloody murder, or begging God to save her just indulge her. Spank her. Just wipe her tears away and deepen the stroke.


  1. Anonymous4/15/2010

    ah, incredible. to be frank, i have the tendency to sound like a wounded animal, and while in the moment i don't really give a damn, afterwards i feel waves of embarrassment washing over me...

  2. Anonymous3/04/2011

    I googled crymaxing because it just happened to me for the first time. Your entry was entertaining by the way. Glad I'm not the only one crying out of pleasure.

  3. Anonymous5/07/2011

    My boyfriend and I had bit of an argument and I was emotional for like the whole day. I was so sensitive even though the argument was settled. When we were having sex, it felt so good and it was good. He kept telling me how much he loves and how much I mean to him. We grow more passionate and every stroke felt so amazing that I was salivating and my body couldn't respond well, I was like whimpering and shaking. When I was coming, I felt so overwhelmed that I experience that much with him and I started to cry. It was soo good, I cried cause I couldn't believe what I felt.

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