Friday, February 19, 2010

Grown Ups Don't Let Grown Ups Pass STDs

A couple of weeks ago, my best friend caught Chlamydia. Actually, a couple weeks ago my best friend discovered that she had caught Chlamydia somewhere within the sixth month period between her regular tests, but she had no idea from whom it came. She had gone to the clinic that day like any promiscuous, yet healthy, adult, with the confident belief that her genitalia was uninfected and the desire to simply be proven right.

“Any symptoms?” the nurse asked.

“No. This is just my regular six month checkup,” she answered back proudly, with a smile. She always practiced safe sex, and whenever she left a clinic, she was never ashamed to take a handful of free condoms. When the procedure was finished, they told her she did not have AIDS, and that if she had any other infections, they would call her. She sauntered out of the clinic and decided that tonight, she would have sex just to celebrate.

A couple days later, she got that phone call. One of her whores had passed on Chlamydia...

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